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Underground Marketers Are Paying Pennies For
Laser Targeted Traffic On Facebook That
Converts Like Crazy...

And You Can Do The Same To Skyrocket The ROI Of Your Campaigns And Finally Get Results

Top marketers all around the world are already using this strategy to make their campaigns more efficient and profitable... and you're probably overlooking it now!

Introducing FB Traffic Genius

FB Traffic Genius is a training program that will show you a different, more effective way to set up campaigns and get targeted traffic from Facebook.

Increase the ROI of your campaigns with any traffic source

Take the maximum out of your traffic and make more money with your visitors

Get laser targeted traffic from Facebook and pay literally just pennies per click

Flood your offers with hungry buyers in a matter of hours

Scale your campaigns fast and multiply your results in a matter of days

Use the snowball effect to grow your income continuously with almost no effort

Is This System Right For Me?

This system is a perfect fit for you if you...

have been struggling to make your campaigns profitable

never manage to turn a positive ROI with your paid advertising campaigns

need results fast and don't want to work with slow methods

believe you are not making as much money as possible with your traffic

have had just bad experiences with Facebook ads and other advertising platforms

The Truth About Facebook Ads That
No One Tells You

It's not a secret that there are marketers all around the world making 3, 4 or even 5 figures a day with Facebook ads promoting CPA offers, t-shirts, Clickbank products and a variety of other products.

However, if you have already got your foot wet with Facebook you certainly know that in the practice things are not that simple for beginners.

If you don't have the right strategy when advertising on Facebook, it's very easy to burn a lot of money and end up with nothing but another frustration.

It's what happens with most people and it tricks them into believing that the reason why they failed is because they're not talented or intelligent enough to be successful online.

But the truth that most marketers don't want you to know is that the only thing that separates them from the beginners struggling to make a few dollars on Facebook is a strategy, a proven plan.

There is the right and the wrong way to set up a campaign. You can pay a lot for bad traffic or pennies for laser targeted traffic. And it doesn't depend on how smart or talented you are, but on what plan you're following, what strategy you're using.

Give a newbie the right strategy today and tomorrow he will be a super affiliate. It's as simple as that.

And that's what you have the chance to get today, a proven plan, a tested strategy that has been putting thousands of dollars in the pocket of many underground marketers.

We Have Been Using This Strategy And The Results
Will Blow You Away

We have been using this strategy with our own campaigns and the results are impressive.

Campaigns that used to have a high CPC are now generating 2x or 3x more traffic and costing up to 5 times less.

It's insane and the impact on the ROI of the campaigns is huge.

We have many campaigns promoting simple CPA offers that started producing 2x - 3x more results... not to mention the campaigns that had a negative ROI and now are generating income on a daily basis.

This Is The Exact Type Of Improvement That You Can
See On Your Own Campaigns If You Start Using
Retargeting On Facebook With The Right Strategy

There is no sneaky trick or illegal method behind those amazing numbers.

It's all about using retargeting and custom audiences properly. If you learn how to do this you can go from a newbie to a successful marketer making a consistent income on Facebook in a matter of days.

Facebook has an advanced retargeting technology that allows advertisers to create powerful custom audiences and generate lot's of targeted traffic for pennies.

Not only that, but it's also possible to use simple strategies for cross-device retargeting and exploring other audiences to scale campaigns.

These things may sound like advanced, complex stuff, but, in fact, they are 100% newbie friendly and you can start using them regardless of your previous experiences.

My Training Programs Are Real And Produce Solid Results...

See What Former Customers Have To Say...

Learn How To Dominate Facebook Retargeting
With My Webinar Series

FB Traffic Genius is a complete training composed by 3 webinars that will walk you through the entire process of setting up the retargeting campaigns on Facebook and making them profitable in few days.

This program will suit you regardless of your experience and niche and will completely change everything you know about paid advertising.

Learn exactly how Facebook's retargeting technology works

Understand how you can combine this strategy with existing campaigns

Learn how to build retargeting lists from scratch and with a small investment

Learn how to monetize your lists fast and with a better ROI

Learn simple tricks that will improve the results of your campaigns fast

Learn how to use cross-device retargeting to build audiences for pennies

Learn how to scale profitable campaigns almost instantly

And much more...

And What About Pre-Made Campaigns To Help
You Take Massive Action?

The training covers absolutely everything you need to know in order to start running profitable retargeting campaigns on Facebook.

However, I want to give you more than just information, I want to help you take massive action and get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

That's why I'll be giving you access to my own campaigns that you can use to create your owns!

You will know exactly what offers I am promoting, what landing pages I am using and what ads are performing well with my campaigns.

Imagine having the chance to access the profitable campaigns of a successful marketer and see exactly what he is doing behind the curtains.

Well, that's exactly what I am offering you now... an once in a lifetime opportunity that you simply can't afford missing!

How Much Do You Think It Is Worth?

A webinar series that reveals all the secrets of one of the most powerful traffic generation strategies out there...

... PLUS, full access to some of my successful campaigns that will show you exactly what offers, landing pages and ads I use to get solid results with retargeting on Facebook.

If we consider the potential that this information has and what kind of results it can generate in a matter of days, then a decent price would be $997... maybe more.

However, such a high price would put it out of reach for most people and my goal with this training is to help as many people as possible to take advantage on this great opportunity that Facebook retargeting represents now.

So, $397 could be a better ticket...

But, honestly, I still think that most people wouldn't be able to afford the program and would end up missing the opportunity.

Because of this, I decided to charge $97 for FB Traffic Genius.

It's not too expensive and the program is worth at least 10x that amount, so it's a nice ticket.

But then my assistant told me something that I couldn't agree more... she said that it was a great price for the general public, but that I should come up with an exclusive deal for my loyal subscribers.

And it makes total sense.

I always do my best to offer exclusive deals and special prices to my subscribers, so for a limited time only I'll be letting people on my list get FB Traffic Genius for a measly $37!

Yes, just $37 to get full access to the webinar series and my campaigns!

This ridiculously low price makes this offer a no-brainer, but I can't keep this available for too long, so as soon as the countdown below hits zero I'll have to close the doors and this opportunity will be gone... possibly forever.

If you don't want to miss this chance, jump on board now and secure your spot!

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Who Am I?

My name is William Souza and I am a full-time internet marketer from Brazil who specializes in CPA marketing.

I have been working in the internet marketing industry since 2008 and have become a well-known CPA marketer and coach in the last few years.

Since I started coaching people in 2010, I have already generated hundreds of success stories and have many student who are now successful internet marketers making a full-time living on the internet.

I also have my own lead generation company since 2012 and have worked with the biggest CPA networks in the world, winning multiple contests and competitions.